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Inbound & Outbound Lead Generation Trends 2016

Lead generation

Generating leads is a key aspect of making a business climb at the top of the ladder. From the local shop down the street to big companies with global offices, a thriving lead generation campaign can make the difference a year in the red or a year in the black.

The theory of lead generation is simple to understand; you bring in leads and then try to convert as many of these prospects into sales. Given that customers are diverted to clear and subtle calls to action each time they surf the internet, watch TV or read the newspaper, generating real leads can become a complicated and costly proposition.

Types of Lead Generation

A powerful B2B lead generation strategy can ease in achieving your business goal: getting paying clients. There are two ways to generate lucrative leads Outbound and inbound approach. Outbound lead generation: Outbound leads are created by contacting or engaging people via phone calls, by appearing at events, trade shows, or other live events; by sending printed marketing collateral through the mail; or by conducting face-to-face meetings.

Inbound lead generation: Inbound leads are created by identifying people who are interested in your business online with activities such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation); weaving content in the form of images, blogs, and/or web videos; building a following, then engaging them on social media platform; or emailing content about your firm.

2016 Trends of Inbound/Outbound Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that 92% of marketers in the latest Social Media Examiner report think social media is essential for their business? So, it’s not wrong to say that the majority of B2B businesses want to excel at using social media.

In the same survey, 89% specified that they wanted to master social media skills so they can better engage with prospective clients through various platforms.

Events, Conferences, and Tradeshows

People believe more in face-to-face networking. So, organizing and visiting tradeshows, events, and conferences and always going to be in style. Virtual events, such as webinars, cater the same advantage as real-world events, but without the trouble of traveling or crowds.

Several companies are seeing simpler and quicker lead generation through pioneering, new technologies such as near field communication (NFC), as a real-world event. Keep in mind the approach, where you dropped your business card into a fishbowl to take a trial for winning a prize? Somebody goes through those cards and you may get a call or email in hopes of generating a lead.

NFC shortens and speeds up the process with just a swipe of the attendee’s wrist; you can collect the data they provide at registration in a short time. You know instantly whether you have a quality lead and soon-to-be client.

Content Creation and Distribution

The content marketing trend is an old trend, but content strategy keeps changing from time to time due to Google algorithm updates.

Media Horizons says “Content Marketing is an on the uptrend that’s used by 78% of B2B marketers. This practice of creating and distributing related and valuable content such as whitepapers, blog posts,  case studies, and infographics to magnetize, acquire, and connect with new customers are seen as the future of B2B marketing.”

All you need is to generate high-quality articles and posts to make your blogs be prominent from the rest. Also, you should write quality content that search engines fall in love with. It’s not a duck soup, but certainly worth it when your efforts pay hush money to in the form of real leads.

Cold Calling and Telemarketing still work

The lion’s share of people does not enjoy making cold calls. Remember, results have proven that telemarketing and phone calls are among the most useful sources of lead generation.

Expert Tips for cold calling:

•    Revise and rehearse your scripts; extemporize when needed

•    Bear in mind that negative response isn’t personal

•    If possible, study in detail about the prospects before you call

With regular practice and experience, you can be a cold calling pro in no time.

Making Use Of Marketing Automation Software

A lot of businesses have started using marketing automation for their more ordinary tasks, such as email. Once trade begins automating, they realize how resourceful – and successful – it can be for the lead generation. Also, when you automate everyday tasks, you have more time to concentrate on those activities which need human engagement.

Marketing automation for lead generation stats

Companies using marketing automation source 45% more pipeline than those who don’t use marketing automation – Marketo

70% companies declare that marketing automation met or exceeded ROI expectations – Focus

Full deployment of marketing automation reduces close rates from 1:221 to 1:20 – Marketo

350% return on investment and 100% annual revenue growth while saving $400K and generating $2MM in incremental gross revenue – Acteva

Marketing automation provides a 225% increase in prospect volume that converts to sales opportunities –ShipServ

Using marketing automation causes 3x more leads passed to sales after one month – Marketo

Marketing automation reduces ignored leads from 80% to 25% – Bulldog Solutions

Companies that automate lead management see over 10% increase in revenue in 6-9 months –Gartner Research

Marketing automation-generated personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates over 10% – The Aberdeen Group

In a nutshell

Not only are the above inbound and outbound lead generation trends just for the sake of saying, but all of these approaches indicate that they are to draw much more attention from small businesses in the year 2016. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, this is the right time to get a jump start on your industry research by knowing as much as possible about these trends and how they are going to impact your email marketing as well as lead generation strategies.

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