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10 Social Media Tools The Pros Use For Marketing

Social Media tools

Social media is here to hold the fort in the marketing realm and, by all means, it will only further infiltrate all aspects of work and life. As we are now in 2016, a lot of social media specialists are already forecasting the direction of social media this year. To be prepared, it’s that time of year to systematize your social media tools box, incorporating some new tools that can be game-changers in terms of effectiveness and excellence that this platform is for some strategic objectives.

Here are 10 suggested social media tools to put into your game plan, if you don’t have them at them.


This is a powerful social-media tool that brings together all facets of your social-media management tasks. This helps in importing all posts and comments into one dashboard for scrutinizing, measuring and engaging them. Other extra features involve publishing, collaboration, building customer relationship and mobile tools.


To understand what works and what not, it’s essential to include numerous analytics tools to your social media toolbox. Cyfe offers thorough reports related to Google Analytics, AdWords, SEO and brand mention that even a small scale business entrepreneur can find the money for using it. It also caters you customizable dashboards to store and evaluate this data. Apart from its social media application, Cyfe also assists in the industry as well as competitor research working as a business intelligence tool that facilitates turning data and drives into actionable insights.


This social media tool is also a choice for scheduling your posts but one that comes with features that enhance upon other alternatives. One best part of Bundle post is that it will replace universal niche keywords with hashtags, greatly boosting your engagement results.


Posting your social-media content on various social media platform gets a whole lot simpler with this tool. It enables you to set up a posting schedule for your LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook pages all in one place, forming a queue and saving you substantial time.

Follower Wonk

As a Moz app exclusively for Twitter analytics, Follower Wonk supports you identify, evaluate and optimize your social media inputs on this platform. You can get profound information about your followers, where they are based, and at what time they tweet, plus the knack of locating new influencers and optimize your own tweets.


With the ever-increasing need for putting more visual content as part of your social media posts, you can count on Canva for rich in quality images that fit your budget. They proffer many templates that help you look like a great designer, even if you are always unsure of exactly what you are doing.


This social media tool caters way for you to locate those influencers who can promote your brand and draw more prospective customers. It serves a way for you to search for bloggers and social media celebs interested in your industry, so you can hook up with them.


For now, virality is one of the important objectives of marketing via social media channels. Babbly allows you to increase your target audience by sharing content via its own community of influencers and users. The tool is quite easy. Just type in or paste the URL you want to promote, and the platform would take care of the rest. Babbly comes with an uncomplicated interface that’s also mobile-friendly, which says you can capture attention for your content across diverse devices.


As a web and iOS app this social media tool facilitates you systematize the stories shared by your Facebook and Twitter friends, aggregate the information into easy-to-read links and providing a means to add influencers that you can empower for your own marketing requirements. You can also do better by accessing the stories shared by friends of friends to build up a better bond with your audience.

Adobe Post

This app is a novel to the photo scene app but has become something quite popular. It is useful for creating eye-catching photos for the blog and social media presence. The glorious fact about it is that it’s free. You just have to choose from thousands of photos, and it will make up what looks like the best display in the world.

In a nutshell

While there are myriads of tools and apps now available, you must choose as practical solutions to improve your social media existence and investment.  These 10 social media tools present a wide range of functionalities and facilities to attract the audience, whether for a budding startup or a fully established company.

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