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4 Fail-Safe Digital Marketing & Online Advertising Trends For 2016

Digital marketing and online advertising

Internet marketingThe digital marketing campaigns are turning out refined with every passing day. Each business, whether big or small, wants to execute the latest as well as the greatest marketing strategies to be successful. The digital marketing campaigns have become the elementary marketing approach for a lot of organizations.

The digital marketing campaign is very important to set the standard and compare the current status of the company with where you want your company to be in the next 5 years. Before a decade or so the traditional ways of marketing dominated the industry. But, lately, the companies turn to digital marketing as it is the most profitable medium in comparison to the conventional ways of marketing and also delivers a higher return on investment.

If you do not keep shoulder to shoulder with the current changes, your company might fall back and competitors might get ahead in the rat race. For example, the keywords that were ranking a year back may not attract the similar big volume today, so it is wise to keep shuffling your content matter periodically. The Google changes its algorithms a number of times in the year and to match it and add new customers; you must make up your marketing strategies and rule your niche industry.

There are a few things that look nailed on to stir up digital marketing for small businesses in 2016.

Here’s your summary:

Search: Optimized for Mobiles

In the year 2015, we saw Google finally served ranking penalties for websites that aren’t mobile-ready. As the majority of people prefer browsing the World Wide Web with the help of mobile devices instead of using inept old desktop computers or laptops. Due to this, 2016 will be the year when it becomes vital to enhance your website as well as email marketing for smartphones and tablets. 

Google is also getting amazingly good at understanding the context as Search is no more all about exact keywords; it is more about the sense behind the words used. Your content should persuade the searcher’s intention making your readers engross at the same time. That’s how you pacify the Google deity.

Search is Becoming Social

Social media is shifting the approach of search. Social media content is indexed by Google, like the tweets, making it more imperative to foster your presence on the big social channels. The platforms themselves are fortifying their internal search powers too, making it simpler for users to regain appropriate content from particular social sites.

Given that today’s consumer research businesses using an assortment of digital media, you can plunder an advantage on your competitors by having a potent presence across diverse channels.

Launch an app, tap a new market

Another method to develop your online impression is by making public your own mobile app. Google already comprises content from apps in its search results and the nearness of the medium gives you an effortless and handy way to touch base with your target audience. Whether you want to offer you a series of services, share your portfolio or just publish your useful content, launching your own app spreads your business by putting it in the palm of your prospective customer’s hand.

Drive Conversion using Pop-ups 

It is said that mid-screen pop-ups have a bad image. Yet new research shows they can be an efficient tool — when used properly. While going for the publicity is sure to irk your visitors, a humble request to join your email newsletter or download a white paper that’s pertinent to the content your visitor has been reading is more likely to get results.

To sum things up

Firstly, the extensive use of smartphones and tablets for browsing the World Wide Web means it’s now necessary to have a website and marketing emails that function flawlessly on mobile devices.

Secondly, Google has picked up context — the implication behind your words is now as important as the specific keywords you select.

Thirdly, as social media starts to play a superior role in search, a strong presence across the main channels could assist you reach new audiences and get a competitive edge.

Fourthly, a lot of small businesses have started considering to launch their own mobile app — implementing the same thing can give you a seamless and handy way to connect with your customers.

Lastly, driving email sign-ups and other objectives with mid-screen pop-ups can be valuable — but make sure you do not annoy visitors with the insistent marketing.

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